Juan V. Esplugues Mota. MD, PhD

 Juan Esplugues      
Juan V. Esplugues Mota. MD, PhD
Full Professor of Pharmacology.
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 Research Lines: Antiretroviral, Gastrointestinal




Juan V. Esplugues studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Valencia, graduating with honors in 1982 and obtaining his doctoral thesis two years later. After periods at the University of Porto (Portugal), in the laboratory of Prof. Walter Oswald, and the Bristol Royal Infirmary (UK), in the laboratory of Professor John R. Clamp, he spent two and half years at the Department of Pharmacology of the Wellcome Foundation’s Research Laboratories in the UK under the tutorage of Prof. Brendan Whittle and Prof. Salvador Moncada, who has been a long-standing collaborator ever since. In 1986, Prof. Esplugues became a senior lecturer at the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Valencia, and by 1993 had obtained a full professorship, specializing along the way as a clinical pharmacologist. During his scientific career he has been the Scientific Coordinator of the Centro Nacional de Investigaciónes Cardiovasculares (CNIC, Instituto de Salud Carlos III), Coordinator of the Spanish Nitric Oxide Club, member of the Editorial Boards of several journals and of scientific societies, and is currently Principal Investigator of a research group within the Centro de Investigación en Red enfermedades hepaticas y digestivas (CIBERehd), a national network of groups involved in gastroenterological and hepatic research, and of a PROMETEO research group of excellence.

Prof. Esplugues’ scientific expertise spans the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology and, though initially basic, his research has moved in recent years towards the in vitro analysis of clinically used drugs, particularly since he was appointed Clinical Pharmacologist at his native city’s Hospital Dr. Peset. For many years Prof. Esplugue’s main field of interest was the role of nitric oxide in gastrointestinal tract function, but this focus has recently shifted to the toxic hepatic effects of antiretroviral drugs and the bioenergetic role of mitochondria. He is the head of a group that has grown over the years and diversified its fields of gastrointestinal research, which now include the role of hypoxia and HIF-1 in the inflammation produced by non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) and in inflammatory bowel disease, the regulation of the inflammatory process by gastrointestinal hormones, and the pathophysiological implications of NO and oxygen consumption. Prof. Esplugues has published over 170 peer-reviewed original research articles and reviews in journals including Gastroenterology, Hepatology, PNAS, Immunity, Circulation, Circulation Research, British Journal of Pharmacology and Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. He has been the Principal Investigator of over 30 national and international research projects


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