group In its early days, our group centred its research on the study and characterisation of gastraintestinal disorders related with the production of acid and motility. We characterised the role of blood flow and mediators such as nitric oxide by employing isolated organ models in vivo, and as a result published a large number of international publications in the area of experimental pharmacology. In the last decade we have incorporated the most advanded methodological approaches of molecular biology into our work an have redirected our research towards new fields. We continue to study gastrointestinal aspects such as IBD and the lesion-producing effects of NSAIDs on the digestive mucosa, though we now centre on more specific aspects of the cell´s immune response, the role of hypoxia and the mitochondria's involvement in cellular bioenergy. In addition, we have ventured into areas such as the hepatic and cardiovascular toxicity produced by antiretroviral drugs, having published in some of the most important journals of this speciality.

Currently, we are fortunate in enjoying a positive, international, multidisciplinary and dynamic working environment. Our group has received constant national and international funding since its beginnings. Through the course of the years many doctoral theses have been prepared within our group, seven of which have been awarded the distinction of Best Thesis by the University of Valencia, and a significant number of our past students have been able to continue their research vocation by achieving posts in academic institutions and other entities related with biomedical research. Three of our researchers have received the Young Investigators Award” of the Spanish Pharmacological Society, which recognises the best research curriculum of Spanish investigators under 35 years old, and one of our post-doc researchers was awarded the “Young Investigators Award 2012” of the Federation of European Pharmacological Societies, which also recognises the most outstanding track records of young researchers at a European level.

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